A New PR Firm to Bring Ukraine’s Perspective to the World

by cindybrugge

A spectator to the crisis overwhelming Ukraine, America has seen the bare minimum of the reality many Ukrainians are facing. In the midst of the fallout from anti-government protests and tremendous pressure to submit to Russian forces, Ukraine is in desperate need of a voice to share its point of view with the world. In comparison with Russia, a major country with extensive communication resources, Ukraine sits at an extreme disadvantage. Aware of this issue, a group of public relations professionals from at least ten different Ukrainian communications firms joined forces Wednesday to open the Ukraine Crisis Media Center in the Hotel Ukraine. 

Public relations help like this is crucial for a country undergoing this much turmoil. It is especially difficult when going up against a hegemonic power, like Russia. With excessive public attention from the Sochi Olympics and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s activity on the international affairs stage, Russia encounters little difficulty reaching the media

Ukraine on the other hand is not properly equipped to deliver their perspective to the world. For this reason, Ukrainian public relations experts have volunteered to “help Ukraine amplify its voice in the global dialogue around the recent developments,” the Center said in its May 5th release

Only open for two days, the Center has been successful in distributing information to the public, regarding the current status of the crisis. Through the combined resources of the experts on their team, the group has been able to offer news releases through their website and up to date news coverage via Twitter and YouTube.


While many public relations professionals are expected to take action during a business crisis, sometimes their involvement in public affairs is unexpected. However, public relations is a major part of forming public opinion. For that reason, it’s entirely important for every member of a crisis to have a voice, if they have any hope of shifting the outcome in their favor. This is the task set before Ukraine.

Although the Center was formed to offset the strong Russian narrative overwhelming the international view, it is not sponsored by the Ukrainian government. In fact, all professional services have been donated; many of the involved professionals agree that participation is their means of serving during a difficult time for their country.

The Center’s primary expense is rent, which is covered by the International Renaissance Foundation, an organization created to foster democratic ideals in Ukraine. The IRC has financed this project to bolster investigative journalism and the open information to the public.


With this support, the public will hopefully see an influx of news information from Ukrainian sources and a shift in the understanding of the Ukrainian perspective.