Perfect in her Imperfections: Why the Whole World Loves Jennifer Lawrence

by cindybrugge

On television, Jennifer Lawrence manages to cuss, flip off her co-stars and talk about her spitting on people, and yet the country still loves her. In fact, there is a subreddit dedicated to her, where her fans have posted their undying praise for the beautiful actress. However, her public actions seem unfiltered and sometimes even uncouth. In a world where female public figures have always been expected to act with dignity and poise, why are conservative, polite stars like Anne Hathaway hated, while the rough edges of J-Law make her irresistible?

She’s down to earth. Although many people think that she is better than imaginable, the truth is she is actually incredibly relatable. We can see real people in Jennifer. I see my imaginary best friend’s awesome older sister, who comes home from college and everything she says is a little jewel of wisdom. She’s fun, she’s confident and she’s happy to laugh at herself. Jennifer is the girl that you look up to, rather than the girl that you envy because she’s so untouchable. When one reporter asked Jennifer how the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premier was going, she replied, “Good! I just found two mentos in my pocket.” She didn’t take this opportunity to relate the starving children of Africa to the citizens of District 12. No, she said something that grounded her, so that her fans would say, “Haha! She’s just like me.”


The many hilarious faces of Jennifer Lawrence to remind us that she’s totally normal.

She isn’t afraid to be herself. Many actresses seem to be constantly spouting off an acceptance speech. They don’t seem like real people. Instead, they feel like Barbie’s who are overly nice. The natural reaction is to question who they really are and to assume that they are hiding something. There are definitely stars on the other side of the spectrum who are giving drunken speeches and flashing the media. What separates J-Law is that she seems to soberly say who she is with no fear. Her stance on body image is the most revered opinion that sways against Hollywood norms. Though she is the definition of beauty, she doesn’t fall into the anorexic look of many Hollywood stars. She’s thin, but her features are soft and her bust is full. However, when she was hired to play Katniss, some people thought that she was too overweight to play the character. She refused to lose weight, because she didn’t want to become the poster child of anorexia that every preteen girl was looking up to and saying, “If only I was that skinny.” In regards to a question about certain individuals telling Jennifer to lose weight, her response was, “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet’, I’m like, ‘You can go f–k yourself.”


Jennifer Lawrence in Elle Magazine (December 2012)

She’s humble. Amid her strength in her opinions and her ability to make jokes, Jennifer seems completely unaware of how remarkable she is. She still blushes and gets starstruck around her favorite stars. She acts super shy around famous actors and is so excited when they stop by to say hi. Even in these little endearing moments, she shines.


Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out when She Meets Jack Nicholson. Click Image to View Video.

Although each of these subtitles address slight differences in her personality, ultimately Jennifer is just Jennifer. We could all learn something from Ms. Lawrence. When it comes to interacting with the media, people can read write through your script and see your heart. Now, let’s not be hasty to abandon communications counsel and air your dirty laundry on television. There is definitely a balance.

Honestly, if I owned a public relations company and J-Law was my client, I might be a little worried from time to time. In a Barbara Walters interview, Lawrence said, “I don’t know what’s going to fly out my mouth.” That’s definitely not the best option for most people in the media. It somehow works for her, but most of the time it won’t work for you.

However, we can still recognize that Jennifer’s frankness is refreshing. Let public relations professionals help you figure out how to say what needs to be said, while BEING YOURSELF. Be real, don’t take yourself too seriously and always be the last to toot your own horn.