Saying Goodbye to Facebook?

by cindybrugge

“None of my friends use it anymore…”

“Isn’t that for older people mostly?”

“I’m thinking about deleting my account, because I’m never on.”

I hear these statements about Facebook more and more frequently. High school and college students have begun abandoning Facebook and flocking to other social media sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest. But as they leave Facebook out in the cold, should they worry that these passing trends may eventually fade in to obsoleteness? And if so, will they return to Facebook or will an new site emerge as a front runner to replace Facebook?

Facebook recognizes its failing platform and is in the process of redesigning its front page. Will this help them regain strength like a phoenix rising from the ashes? Some don’t think so.

David Garcia, a researcher from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, said that this redesign could cause Facebook to plunge lower in ratings than before. Garcia referenced the redesign of Friendster, which was the final straw of its following.

Garcia makes the valid point that an updated design could be only detrimental to Facebook. With use already declining, Facebook will cause confusion with already rare users. Unless Facebook is able to integrate a new element that revives its following, we might be saying goodbye to the beloved site in the near future.