Why Free People’s Social Media Gurus Constantly Rock My World

by cindybrugge

URBN, a corporation that owns numerous trendy clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie, has consistently infiltrated the market with forward thinking ideas. In accordance with this tendency, Free People has integrated many social media tools into their marketing strategy to create a blissfully, seamless transition across all of their web platforms.

Pinterest: On this platform, they have 36 boards and over 10,000 pins. Their most populated areas are on the DIY and recipe boards, but once people begin to follow Free People for their beautiful random pins they also receive a steady stream of Free People clothing, fashion shows, hairstyles, interior design, etc. Additionally, every Free People product that is pinned, links to the Free People website. They’ve also found ways to cleverly get people to join the conversation of their Pinterest page. For example, Free People addicts competed in a competition in early February to submit the cutest relationship pictures to celebrate Valentines Day. Let me just say that this board is so adorable that a razor blade to the wrist seemed preferable to a lonely February 14th.

Instagram: Free People’s Instagram account just makes followers envious of every URBN employee. Fun pictures of day-to-day activities in the Free People corporate office, include snapshots of their office dogs and crafty projects. Then the next post will come from backstage at a fashion show or a preview of a new line of clothes, being released. They absolutely stay in touch with their audience by fitting into the hipster, Instagram scene with their stylish lifestyle.

Twitter: Because their job looks like so much fun, URBN has a Twitter handle to post job opportunities. If you look for career options on their website, it sends you right to the Twitter page. This way their job opportunities are always being updated. It also forces their applicants to be on the same forward thinking wavelength as URBN branches.

Blog: On top of everything else, they have a great blog called Building 25. The web design of their blog is clutter free and easy to use with tons of information from many different outlets. My favorite column is the 60-Second Stylist. They also try to engage their audience by answering dating advice questions and offering a book club to their followers.

Bldg 25: The Free People Blog

Bldg 25: The Free People Blog

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I love that I get a daily dose of this brand through social media without being overwhelmed by embedded ads. They are incredibly effective, by skillfully adhering to their brand to market to current shoppers and future audiences. I just can’t get enough of their web presence.