Money for Nothing and College for Free: Applying for the Scholarships Today that will Keep Your Family Out of Debt Later

by cindybrugge

Here at Bookkeeper Girl, we believe in higher education. Because we so deeply believe in college, we try to find ways to help fund the education of students.  We are constantly encouraging students to get out there and find creative ways to pay for college.

Each semester, Bookkeeper Girl provides a scholarship to a previous Bookkeeper Girl intern. Kim, our president, is also very involved with a local scholarship foundation, called What’s Your Plan Be, which gives scholarships to Denton High School senior girls.

Although we cannot personally fund the education of every student, there are many more scholarships available to students that are willing to apply. Many organizations offer money to young students and there are thousands of scholarships for every conceivable topic and hardship. Most scholarship deadlines are approaching and it’s time to apply, before it’s too late. Here are a few recommendations to find the scholarship that is right for you:

  1. First fill out the FAFSA. It will seem intimidating, but make yourself sit down and get it done. Most organizations ask for it when you fill out the application anyways, so you might as well get it knocked out. And remember: Federal grants are first come, first served—so don’t let too much time slip by before you complete it.
  2. Go to the scholarship office at your university or prospective university. Every school has alumni and school maintained programs that support scholarships for students. They can help direct you to some of the best scholarships according to your needs.
  3. Make a list. Write down every quality that makes you unique. Are you from another country? A member of a specific religious denomination? A dancer or athlete? Related to a founding father? A huge Taco Bell fan? Think of every possible little quirk or quality. Then start researching scholarships for those attributes. You will be surprised to find scholarships for the most random reasons, for example the Tall Clubs International offers a $1,000 scholarship to women over 5’10”.

In the end, it will all come down to your determination. Look at this process as a job. You wouldn’t expect your boss to pay you for work that wasn’t earned. Applying for scholarships is not easy, but you will reap the rewards later, when you aren’t in debt after you graduate. Keep looking for the money and you will find it, but it may take some hard work. Put in the hours now and school will be smooth sailing later.