iPhone Apps that Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

by cindybrugge

Every small business owner knows that living without a smartphone is next to impossible. Many of them are constantly on the go and occasionally running their business out of their car. Equipping a phone with the necessary apps is imperative in today’s small business community. The apps listed below are the best apps to manage a small business in our fast paced, technology dependent work environment.

Money Apps

Quickbooks: Manage your expenses, create invoices, keep up with receipts and send estimates… all with your iPhone. Quickbooks allows you to keep a handle on your expenses for your personal life and your business.

Square Register: This app allows its users to turn their iPhone into a mini-register that can give businesses the option to receive payments with a credit card.

Bank App: Most banks have an app for the iPhone to manage your online banking. Download your bank’s app to allow you to have on the go money management.

iTip: Tipping can always be an awkward moment, if you don’t know what certain services call for in the term of gratuity. This app can help you with the tipping process when the bill comes.

TimeSheet: Keep track of your hours with this easy-to-use clock-in service that lets you send your time sheet via email.


Communications Apps

Email: Sync your many email accounts with the iPhone email system and receive all of your emails in one place.

LinkedIn: Manage your business profile from anywhere with the LinkedIn app. Also, consider using other social media apps, such as Facebook, TweetDeck and Pinterest.

Plaxo: This contact syncing application allows its users to maintain their many contacts on an online browser. It also will update outdated contact information and send reminder alerts for birthdays.

CamCard: Tired of keeping up with hundreds of business cards? CamCard is an easy way to organize the information found on business cards, by taking a picture of the card and storing the pictures in alphabetical order by last name.


Travel Apps

Trip Cubby: Track your mileage for deduction or reimbursement with easy to use data entry and excel compatible reports that can be sent via email.

Flight track: This simple app allows you to keep an eye on real-time status updates for gates, delays and cancellations on your business flights.

Google Maps: Download this intuitive travel map app. It excels in navigation and kicks the new iPhone maps app’s butt.


Document Apps

Scanner Pro: Scan in documents using your iPhone camera and leave the bulky scanner at the office.

Adobe Reader: Every business owner needs a good PDF reader on their phone. Adobe has created a basic, but useful app for this purpose.

DropBox: Keep track of all of your documents in one place and rest assured knowing that any change you make will be saved online and to all of your computers/devices.

Docusign: Need a client to sign a contract? Update to e-signing technology and download Docusign so that you can manage your contracts from your smartphone.


These apps should help make your life easier and help your company run smoother. Make sure to organize them on your phone to further streamline your experience. Also, feel free to comment below and share how these apps made your on-the-go business interactions better.