Meet Cindy: Intern, Blogger and Advice Columnist

On August 1st, I decided to completely change my course of direction and move to Denton, TX to attend UNT. This idea made little sense at the time because I had not attended orientation, found an apartment or even began searching for a job to pay for a new life in a new city. Two months later, I’m a full time student, living on Fry Street and working in the coolest PR job in the city. I have seen over the past weeks how God has led me to the perfect place in his perfect timing. I have found a city I love, a path to my career goals and the most unexpectedly wonderful professional relationships, in the form of an internship at Bookkeeper Girl.

Looking back, I’m not sure what encouraged me to apply for a position at a bookkeeping company.  In fact, bookkeeping (or anything math related, for that matter) sounds like the most terrifying area of business to get involved in.  As a Journalism major, I hoped to find a job relating to public relations, which is my intended career field. So I began searching for job opportunities on the Eagle Network in MyUNT. When I found an internship, entitled “Communications Intern,” I decided that it couldn’t hurt to apply. (Lesson #1: Always apply for everything! You never know what little application could turn into a job or a contact for the future.)

A month went by without finding a decent job prospect that fit with my hectic schedule of 18 hours of class work. Disappointed and stressed, I settled on putting my focus on schoolwork for the first semester and looking for new jobs in the spring. Just in time, I received an email from Kim Pollard, President and Founder of Bookkeeper Girl, inquiring on my fall internship plans. She had received my application and hoped to meet me for an interview via Skype. (Lesson #2: Look for forward thinking employers, who embrace new technology. They tend to be on the cutting edge of their professional field.)

Before the interview, I researched BKG in-depth, trying to discover who the company was and if they were the right match. I found out that although BKG is a small bookkeeping firm, Kim has large plans and personal investments in people all over Denton, TX. (Lesson #3: It’s okay to cyber stalk a little… or a lot before a big interview. Knowing who the company is can only help, when they are asking the tough questions.)

Originally, I had hoped to find an internship with a PR firm who might be able to give me more of a picture of the PR industry. However, it’s always important to recognize the powerful position interns play in a small company. Working in a smaller company with big dreams, opens the potential to serve in many different areas of business. If the company is willing to dream big and share their ideas and knowledge with their interns, then a small business may be the perfect fit for a college student who’s serving as an intern. (Lesson #4: Try to find small businesses, which have past internship programs. They will understand the importance of training and have experience working with college students. They want you to have previous work experience. You should want them to, as well.)

After a 24-minute interview, Kim offered me the job and I started work less than a week later. This is my first assignment: to share my experience at BKG with the students of the Denton area. I feel deeply blessed to have my position at BKG and I am eager to share my tidbits of advice with students in the area. Stay tuned in the next issue to learn more advice about interning in the DFW area and go to our blog, at, to hear from all of the interns at BKG.