Bookkeeper Girl Attends Women of Faith Conference

by cindybrugge

Several connections were advanced, team camaraderie was developed and faith was stirred. All in all, the Women of Faith Conference was a success and the start of some beautiful partnerships for Bookkeeper Girl.

“You gotta have faith” is a core belief of Kim Pollard, found of Bookkeeper Girl. She has consistently made strides toward integrating this conviction into her business sense.

After hearing about the annual conference held in Dallas, Pollard resolved to sponsor the attendance of three lucky employees. She coordinated their travel and covered the ticket and hotel expenses.

Throughout the weekend, the Bookkeeper Girl team listened to numerous speakers and connected with businesswomen of faith from all over the nation.

“I especially loved seeing my old friend, Phyllis. I’m so excited to reconnect in business with her” said Pollard, about the highlights of the conference.

Phyllis Pittman owns Cookies by Design, with multiple locations throughout the Dallas area. “We were texting all weekend. I’m really excited to partner with her in the future” said Pollard.

Rachael Ruyle, bookkeeper at Bookkeeper Girl, also deeply enjoyed her time over the weekend.

“All of the speakers had the magic to make me feel like they were talking right to me” said Ruyle. “It would be super hard to pick which one I liked the best, but I particularly liked Lisa Harper.”

Harper, author of Stumbling Upon Grace and a women’s ministry speaker at the Women of Faith Conference, touched many of the Bookkeeper Girl employees over the weekend. In fact, Pollard has high hopes to partner with her in the future, by supporting her ministries.

Bookkeeper Girl is also in the process of partnering with the Women of Faith Conference for 2013, with the intention to sponsor the event annually.